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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When do you conduct your classes? Do you have a schedule?
A: All classes are held on an ad-hoc basis. We do not have a fixed schedule, due to the difficulty in matching available dates & times. Classes usually start when there are enough students for a particular class at a particular date & time.

Q: How will I know when your classes are on?
A: Just give us an email stating the class(es) you are interested in & we will keep you on the update list for all upcoming classes.

Q: I can't wait that long for the class to start, is there any other way?
A: Yes, you can gather 4 friends and we can start a class for your group, subject to our Instructor & Studio availability.

Q: Where are your classes held?
A: All classes are held in our studio @ Woodlands unless otherwise stated.

Q: Your Studio is too far for me. Is there any other location?
A: We also conduct workshops @ Community Clubs as we are registered PA Instructors. In which case,

you will have to contact the Community Club directly and indicate your interest.

Q: What are your Class Fees? What do they include?
A: All fees stated are in our Classes section of our website. They include Instruction Fees only unless otherwise stated. Normally, materials, tools & consumables are additional.

Q: What is BOOT CAMP?
A: Boot Camp refers to classes that run at an accelerated pace. Normally 2 or 4 days over weekends. At the

moment, Boot Camp format is available for Stained Glass Beginners & Hot Glass I.

Q: What is the duration & frequency of class sessions?
A: Most normal pace classes are once weekly sessions and 2 hours per session unless otherwise stated.

Q: Where can I get all the Tools, Materials & Consumables for your Classes?
A: You can get all these items directly from us. We stock all required Glass Art items you will need.

Q: What are the age restrictions for your classes?
A: Minimum 6 yrs & above for Classes stated as suitable for children. Children below 12 yrs need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. All other classes 14 years & above.

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